The weekend that was.

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It wasn’t the weekend I expected or planned for but for the most part it was good.

Lepercon was on but due to unexpected overtime and pudges with sick tummys I only got to attend
The Saturday and was only there until 3pmish.

I did get to play the second part of [info]kshandr jumptech larp, it went well the use of the
media transmissions (starring [info]paperfl0wers ) was well done
and it was great to see people reacting. I didn’t giggle as much at all it was a lot more somber of a larp.
I did discover that I had over looked something on my char sheet right at the end which has had me kicking
myself and would have changed how I went about things and could have changed a far
bit of the game. This is the first time ever in my short experience larping that I am
dissapointed with myself, must do better.

Thankfully I don’t have long to wait before I get to do just at as the next installment
of the larp happens this comming weekend at Itzacon.
I didn’t get to hang about and chat to people but hopefully most of them will be at itzacon
I did get tackle hugged by [info]niamhybeag who was wielding a large mace and got to chat
briefly to a few people.

I meet up with [info]tsubhdearg for a late lunch and dragged [info]sarky along in my wake
and then we inflicted lush on him 🙂 and then it was home to be with the brats.

My daughter came down with one of those tummy bugs and was up late not being well,
thankfully it was short lived and she bounced back by late Sunday afternoon.
So we decided to do a family activity, I am very appreciative that we can as parents
who are not a couple head off for the day with the kids as a family.

There was a vote taken and we headed off to go for a walk arround the old college campus
in Maynooth, I had wanted to go to the phenoix park but was voted down.
The kids like it there, we took pics of all the spring flower that were out
and noted all the other signs of spring and found frog spawn.

By the time we were done it was getting late far to late for the roast dinner
I had planned so we opted to go get a take away, there is a chinese restaurant and take away
in clonee that is a favorite, who are great with odd orders and smaller portions
for the children, so we go take away, came home and chilled out before getting the kids
to bed and doing the prep work for the kids being back in school the next morning.

Not the weekend I expected but a good one all the same.

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