Drama with no llamas.

I went to no drama drama group workshop last night.
19 people there and had a lot of fun, 4 of whom I knew already ( 1 not from boards )
and the rest knew nothing about me what so ever but were very welcoming.

They moved to a new venue which is what has me having a wobble last night
as it literally a 5 mins walk away from the abode of someone who I recently
cut out of my life and even thinking about walking down that main street
which they live off had me worried then annoyed and then pissed off.
But I got over myself and went and am glad I did.

I was a figurehead on a ship, Roy Batty from blade runner
( I’ve seen things, you people can’t imagine)
a chimney, a receptionist in a sperm clinic, a tesco till jockey,
a wife trying to get her husband to take his meds
and a woman trying to buy a huge diaphragm.
None of the sex stuff was suggested by me at all, shower of smutty minded gits
and there were more women there then blokes which was nice.

I learned two new vocal exercises and then had two really nice pints of Guinness afterward.

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