The weekend that was Warpcon.

Warpcon has been and gone 3 days already, how did that happen,
Seriously I jammed so much into the weekend and yet the last 3 days just ziiiiped by.

Mostly it was getting to spend time with people I have not in a long while.
Big chunks of time too and getting to meet new people.

Nick and cat picked me up on the friday and we got coffee and nerf guns and hit the road
with a sound track which I was told was compiled esp to break my brain 😛 Clearly
Nick is a ratbag.
We made great time until we hit cork city docks at dusk and then due to tiredness, changes to the one way system got a wee bit lot for an hour or so but eventually got to the strange blue B&B with the obscure christian subtexts
and booked in and went for food.

Friday night::

I did go along to the talk on Irish witchcraft by Lore O’Brien by the Pagan soc ( which will be looking for new committee members),
It was fun and nice to be listening to a talk on that topic and to be contributing a bit as well.
Afterwords it was to the old bar and I spent a time popping from conversations with gamers to conversations with reenactors.

Saturday morning:

I had tought we were up bright eyed and early enough but it turns out that the game slots
were starting at 10 am not 11am which tends to be the standard for most cons.
But I instead spent a very merry time playing fluxx with much quips and spontaneous singing
by myself and cat_rant which frankly seemed to really werid sarky out I had tought
him made of sterner stuff. I wandered for a while and then found
niamhybeag and we had a grand chin wag and were eventully joined by

Then it was time to play the afternoon game slot, what a romp that was,
yet again I have not died in any gurps game and infact the whole party
stayed intact despite the gms best efforts and due to Hod’s intervention.
Then myself and Nick played some monty python fluxx and it was time for food
rest and recuperation before going to the bar to meet up with people and then on to club warpcon.

Well club warpcon was an experience, hadn’t been before despite having been to the con
a handful of times but I so now get what the fuss was about.
I danced for about two solid hours, it was awesome.


I had to be up and about to pack and make the start of that morning’s larp slot which was
Nick ‘s scifi “newcomers” I had brought my costume and was for the first time covered in body paint for a larp. Which apprently is stage to of larpers syndrome. It was a lot of fun even if the ‘giggling’ did get to me by the end of the game and it was nice to get to play with Hilary who got the references about gun ports being closed or open 🙂

Then it was lunch and the fun of wandering around with my arms, face and chest painted yellow
with red stripes, I caught up with a few more people and spent the time in intresting conversation
as I could not get tickets for the afternoon larp I wanted. I know only two games played but tbh
it was nice to chill and catch up with people and meet new people.

I did take off the paint of my face before i headed to the bar for one last drink before
Nick kindly dropped me to the to bus station to get the bus home, and home I was before 11pm.

What makes warpcon, warpcon ? I think it is a combination of things, when in the year it is with people
cutting loose after enduring the festive season, that most people are with in a short walking distance
of the campus due to staying in hostel/hotel/b&b and people cutting loose cos they are not at ‘home’.
All of which adds up to people being determined to have a lot of fun.

Yes there were things which could have been done a bit better and which could be done to improve
the warpcon experience there was really good suggestion list up on here

But what a wonderful weekend, looking forward to the rest of the cons to come and I am so doing
that again next year.

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