Goth ?

Well that is two Satyrday nights I have ended up dancing to Temple of Love 😀
I wasn’t meant to be going out tonight, there were people going to dorans and then on to
My co parent went out but came home at 11:10 and I had just gotten out of the bath and thought fuck it.
When I am dead I can stop doing a reverse Cinderella.

As it turned midnight the taxi pulled up outside the venue and I had arrived, ” just in time for the witching hour”
the taxi driver remark and me being a utter gamer/nerd I replied ” and curses are half price”.
To my surprise he grinned and said Dungeon keeper 2 was a great game.
This was an excellent omen.

No sooner had I gotten my hand stamped by Alan that charming bastard, I headed to the back of the new venue
where I was hailed with squeals of delight and many hugs. Then just as I finished the rounds of greetings
the very familar strains of Temple of Love began and I scooped up two of the pretty girls and joined the dance floor.
We were joined by one of the other lasses and we grinned, giggled and gyrated in the middle of the dance floor.

The rest of the night was spent in amusing conversations with much cackling, being mean for the greater good
and being pleasantly distracted by blade runner being shown on the large screen beside the dance floor.
And I am home swiftly and soundly listening to the Cult and sipping a cold beer glad that I decided I am not
so old that I can’t bugger of at a late hour to a club and blessed that there were people there glad to see me.

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