So I was pottering about in my internet, my internet being the cluster of sites which I visit roughly daily and
comissioned had a rant by O about puppets. http://www.commissionedcomic.com/index.php?page=rant&r=843

It reminded me of a once off game I played ( while susposedly in college ) with Ed running it as a once off.
I got to play a ballerina marrionette, we had soldier hand puppet with all his phycosis via Mick
and a finger mouse who when doing any other action was humping what ever object or surface was adjecent to it thanks to Paul.

It was the most free form game I had played up until that time and made me understand how less rules could still be as restricting but yet
dice a better flow to a game then the need to rattle dice, if it states your charchter can do something then they can.
Life with master certainly had the same feel to it but did have dice.

I then went looking to try find more about Puppetland and found that it had been a hogshead game,
which prolly esplains why we had been playing it as we had been playing both Sla Industries and WHFRPG back then and they were both
connected to Hogshead until it closed up in 2002.

There seems to be very little about Puppetland online but I did find one game senario by a certain Gareth Hanrahan.
I have a train journey this weekend for over two hours so I might spring it on those traveling with me, well it is either that or play munchkin.

Funny how that game we played for an hour still stand out starkly in my brain and that if was as real as anything else.
I guess as gamers we live in differnt shells in differnt place a lot more then we like to think about and some of those experiences are so real.

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