Finanna Fail and no I did not forget the á.…fmanifesto.pdf

That is theFianna Fáil election Manifesto from 2002, thier slogan at the time was, “A Lot doen more to do” .

So seeing the people of this country in thier wisdom while excerising thier franchise gave them the additional 5 years to make good on this lets see how they did.

… An end to hospital waiting lists within two years!

….reform the system of planning and funding our hospitals to ensure that the needs of people in all parts of the country are addressed, and that public funding is producing the highest possible level and quality of care.

…ensure that every school attains modern standards within the next five years !

…Ensure that group water schemes meet the quality standards of the Drinking Water Directive by end 2003.
…investment in water and sewerage schemes, ensuring that sewage discharges from all our major urban centres are treated in line with EU Directives

…Expand the Garda Síochána by a further 2,000.

….New services will be introduced both to some new housing developments but also
to existing poorly served communities

…We will start work on the construction at Abbotstown of a world-class national stadium that meets the needs of the three main sporting organizations.

…We will roll-out broadband to make it accessible to as many rural communities as possible.

…high quality dual carriageway or motorway links between Dublin and the Border, Cork, Limerick and Galway by 2006 and Dublin to Waterford by 2007.

..In July 2000, the Government approved the development of a metro system for Dublin. Particular priority will be given to the development of an early link to Dublin Airport.

…..We will ensure that the comprehensive Homelessness Strategies now in place are implemented in full, taking pre-emptive steps to ensure that high risk groups do not become homeless in the first place and that for those who do find themselves
homeless, that we have a full range of services – emergency accommodation, health, welfare, education and training – available to assist them.

….More than double the number of Civic Amenity Sites where items can be brought for recycling and more than treble the number of bring banks.

…..Extend the power to the DPP to appeal against lenient sentences in serious cases before the District Court

…..Introduce night courts and weekend courts.

and it goes on and on and on and these are the ones that just jump out at me as I scrolled through it.
How anyone can after reading through that and looking around them can vote for that shower and the pds is beyond me.

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