Mid January

ah mid January the most depressing time of the year.
and with it comes the mid January break ups.
the post christmas, pre holiday booking, pre silly flower day ( valentines) break ups.
It does make a certain ammount of sense.

Ironic really as I have talked this over with several friends over the years
as they looked to end a failing or unworkible relationship with someone they wanted to remain friends
with or care enough about not wanting to ruin yule/chrismas on them or silly flower day.
But to try and be able come the 1st of Feb to make new start when spring comes.

One person simple had to do it as after silly flower day it would be her birthday then easter then his birthday and if it had not of happened then she could have still been going out with him come may and
then the akwardness of breaking up in the run up to the summer.

Can’t say it ever happened to me before, nice to know that even in it’s ending the relationship was just as unique.

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