Bastards !!!!!!

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I was a questbaby.

For nearly two years but that was over 2 nearly 3 years ago.
There are parts of Norrath I still hold dear. Adventured that happened there that are as real as the stuff I have done in table top
rpgs if not even more so.
I spent more time as that Lil sneak backstabbin dark elf rogue then as any other char I have been.
So many other chars have been variations of that theme from them she lived on in Neverwinter for quiet some time but she
never lived anywhere like she did in Norrath.

I miss her.

When rpging we all but aspects of ourselfs into our charcters.
When I was at one of the lowest parts of my life due to depression she was the fun, funny, bright, twisted, best of me.
I did reclaim it, her all made her part of me again but hell I still have screen shots of certain views in Norrath.
Yes the two guilds that I/she was a part of and officers in no longer exsist there and the high ranking necromancer who’s deadheart tamed and claimed is dead there still is a certain lure to those places.

Not I will not give in and play again, I don’t have the cds to install the game for one…..

Still reall damn them….

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