As the ligth declines…

So is being used as a resource in my children’s primary school….
My son came home with a print out of the lyrics of a song to learn
On the top of the page was the following url
it was also on the bottom of the page with todays date and that time of just after miday.

Weird just doesn’t cover it.
I did question the reason for that ballad and if it was suitable but it is part of getting to know Dublin as it was and as well as learning to sing it they discuss it; from the language to the historical aspects.

Still given the fact the class is pretty mixed I wonder how some of the parents originally from Africa feel about their kids being taught to sing

[quote]And I courted Peggy Dignan, as pretty as you please,
A rogue and child of Mary, from the rebel liberties,
I lost her to a student chap, with skin as black as coal,
When he took her off to Birmingham, she took away my soul. [/quote]

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