You might be a larper if…

You might be a larper if you know what Snazaroo is, where to get it locally and have the urge to buy more then one colour.

My first encounter with the ” water based face and body make-up” was at warpcon after I agreed to take part in the first of the Jumptech series, it was referred to as ‘snazz’ at the time and I didn’t pay it much heed.
It went on easily enough and I had great fun wandering around after wards with yellow skin with red stripes.
I did how ever clean my face before getting the bus home but alas wearing it for that long and the warm bus meant it was sorta embedded in my skin and it took a few days to wear off.

This didn’t stop me from donning it at Leprecon and again at Itzacon. At Itzacon I was not the only member of the Krayace race present but they followed along the same colour scheme. Last weekend at Gaelcon I donned the
snazz get again, to portray the person of Meeray Fnarr for the fourth time. This Time I also did the make up for some one else and say just how easy it was to apply. Given the festive fun for the weekend I kept the yellow skin and red stripes for the rest of the evening and only after I went home after kicking very well behaved gamers out of the conference centre at 4am did I have a shower and deKrayce.

So when I daughter declared she wanted to BE a bar of chocolate for Hollow’een and when she arrived home from school with the box she wanted to use as her costume I had to go find suitable make up for her face and hands.
This time of year all sorts of crap is old as kids make up and I wanted to avoid most of them as she does have sensitive skin, so I headed to the local arts and crafts store and lo and behold not 10 foot from the door there was a “snazaroo” stand with many colours and the round sponges and helpful suggestions of how to use 3 or more to turn your child into a frightful site.

So I bought the brown, I also bought the yellow and red, it’s the least I can do as I hope that JumpTech will
run for 3 more sessions if not keep going for a 3rd season and I hope there will be more people choosing to play Krayce as at Gaelcon our numbers had doubled to 4, and the more sets of paint we have the quicker people can get ready.

Getting their face painted is something my daughter tends to like more then my son and there are pretty good guides on the website so it’s not like I won’t have some one to practice on.

Yeah so it seems I may need a snazbag and I might be turning into a larper…

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