Being on twitter and watching women I know and women I follow and other women who I have no connection with sharing stories of the same type of abuse was Powerful.

Women took over a section of twitter, made it their own safe space, shared stories and supported each other. Complete strangers read echos of what happened to them in the words of another woman, and saw other women struggling with the same feelings of frustration, anger hurt and disappointment.

It was the best solidarity and awareness raising excise I have ever seen and over 10,000 women took part over 36 hours. I saw men shocked and learning, I saw women connecting and finding each other and finding others who lived near them.

While being on twitter denotes a level of education to be literate enough and to have access via phone or pc, it is a very democratic space.

#Yesallwomen I see as a tipping point, yes it is by no means a goal in it’s self, but a start to more women not putting up with such treatment and knowing they are not alone and will be believed. They know that they have other women they can share with if they are in that situation again and are looking to gather up their courage to speak up and speak out.

Never underestimate the power of having 20 other kickass and supportive women (and men) in your pocket, whom you can talk to via twitter.

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