“Won’t someone think of the children”

It’s staggering how low some moralising special interest groups will stoop.
Ruhama which was founded as a joint initiative of the Good Shepherd Sisters and Our Lady of Charity Sisters have been working to make paying for sex illegal.

Currently it’s not illegal for consenting adults to pay for sex or to charge for sex.
Ruhama want to put a stop to this, and have been beating several drums
in order to make this happen. From saying that all women involved in prostitution are victims( they never mention men who ply that trade) and need to be rescued, to saying that not making paying for sex illegal means women are trafficked and kept as sex slaves.

Ireland already has laws on trafficking people and forced prostitution and now their new campaign is about a fictional 14 year old who gets groomed into prostitution called Anna.

Won’t someone think of the children being used to make paid sex between consenting adults illegal. WTF

Kids like ‘Anna’ don’t need paid sex between consenting adults made illegal,
they need the rights which are currently being denied them by the failure of successive governments to ratify The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Kids like ‘Anna’ need to be reported by teachers and concerned adults.
Kids like ‘Anna’ need social workers to have the time and resources to help them.
Kids like ‘Anna’ need to be taken into care away from their abusive/neglectful
parents and to have those parents/guardians prosecuted.
Kids like ‘Anna’ don’t need to be used by christian moralising groups to try police people by putting pressure on the government.

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