When do opinion pieces in newspapers become masturbation?

I think I have found a new and sterling example.
This made me laugh so much there tears rolling down my face and I just could not help myself, it certainly says more about the author then those, they are passing comment on.

A particular corner of online Ireland seems to have it in for Ryan Tubridy. Boards.ie, a site that hosts a variety of special-interest forums, is buzzing with Friday-night haters who reckon the best way to end the week is watching The Late Late Show with a bottle of wine and the laptop next to them on the couch.

If their negative comments on the site are anything to go by, they sound like they are sitting there in leather bondage gear, with a pool ball tied into their mouth, the remote control just out of reach, being whipped by a dominatrix in a Ryan Tubridy mask. They take incredibly perverse pleasure from watching Tubridy every Friday. The worst thing you could do to them is cancel the Late Late. Except, of course, they’re masochists, so they’d probably enjoy the pain.

Read more: http://www.independent.ie/lifestyle/independent-woman/celebrity-news-gossip/irish-online-hate-wars-2866351.html#ixzz1X7QT28pm

A slight case of transference maybe? Oh no the laughing has started again.

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