What is sexy?

What is sexy? Yup that was the recent question from my 5 year old daughter.

The one before that was; when will she be getting boobs, cos she had already figured out girls don’t have them and grown up ladies do and that they are apparently desirable.
Rather then upset and burden her with tales of how they don’t appear over night and it starts with puffy and sore nipples and gets worse for about 6 months and that one is usually larger then the other for quiet some considerable time making you feel and look lopsided, I choose to tell her that as she grows up she will change.

That getting boobs is like getting new teeth then your baby ones fall out, like growing taller when you sleep so that you are as tall as a 5 year old and not a 4 year old but that
She would not have boobs like a lady until she was 15/16.

16 is already the magic age for her, at 5 she wants make up galore.
I sure as hell don’t wear the stuff that often hell 2 to 3 weeks can go by with out me bothering or needing to put make up on, so she was told that she could not wear more then lip-gloss until she was 16. She already had sparklely glittered lip-gloss stuff and I was drawing a line there. But once she had two types of lip gloss one got worn as lip gloss and blush and the other as eye shadow. Really were does she get it from???

So I got asked ‘Mam what is sexy?’ Well as this would not be a term bandied about the house I asked where she heard it, who used it and how did they use it.
Apparently A six year old on the road who likes B a six year old girl made the comment,
That B has a nice smile and that she is sexy.

Sounds straight forwards but it took over ten mins of non leading questioning to find that much out. So I told my daughter that A was being silly that B was much too young to be sexy and you can’t be called sexy until you are at least 16. My bright little 5 year old thought about it and then said ‘oooh so you can’t be sexy until you’re 16 and have boobs.’ Happy with the information and her conclusion she went back to colouring in.

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