Time to Say Enough

Time to Say Enough.

I want to live in a country I can be proud of but after the week that’s in it, that country isn’t Ireland. There might be a chance to change things though, even after this horrible week. There are demonstrations and vigils all over the country and beyond in the wake of Savita’s death. Let this be a catalyst for change. One that both the politicians and holy Ireland will have to listen to.

One thought on “Time to Say Enough”

  1. I left a long time ago… Many of my friends went back, but every time I visited, I liked Ireland less. I began to wonder how they all stay. I am not of that world. I wish it would change, but I don’t see it in my lifetime

    I have a post in my head…. Based on Sinéad’s song, Black Boys on Mopeds. It starts “Ireland’s not the mythical land of Guinness pints and Céili’s……..”

    Watch my blog… It is bursting to get out…..

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