Taking a time out.

I’m taking a break for a while, we’re are into jr cert exam crunch time and with a kid who’s on the autism spectrum, so stress levels are a bit on the high side for both of us. Hopefully once the exams themselves kick off things will settle down. Often the before is worse then the thing it’s self.

In the mean time is eyes thrown to heaven, remembering to take deep breaths and taking a time out even for 5 mins and then starting again.

One thought on “Taking a time out.”

  1. Good luck to you both. I have one in his leaving cert year… I can’t get him to care at all, but my panic level is near unbearable. He’s going to fail one subject because he didn’t even try to do the required project, and he won’t study for any others. It’s driving me mad because he doesn’t seem to understand how important this is. 🙁

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