Summers last hurrah

Summers last hurrah

The Dawn’s early chill gives way
To the waxing sun and the warmth of day.
The heat that gathers from noon ’til four,
Lingers softy as the shadows come to play once more.

Leaves have gone from gold to red to brown;
Still the sun beats down.
The air heavy and still
Drains us of our energy and will.

A small breeze flickers carrying the scent
Of that season that has been spent
On holidays by the beach or in a tent
All over now that the shadows have added to their length.

The evening gathers quicker then expected
And we see that for a while summer was resurrected
As the dark and night gather weight
We take the time to contemplate

On one last day of bliss
And enjoying it we remember this
That winter is not far
And this was for all its warmth this day was,
Summers last hurrah.

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