Suggestions for Distraction Pieces for Scroobius Pip

At the time of writing this the Distraction Pieces Podcast by  Scroobius Pip has released 12 episodes.

2007 was when Scroobius Pip cropped up on my radar, it was the letter from god which did it.

I was at his gig last February in Vickers St and I used Get Better to sign off my week of curating the @Ireland account.

I do on occasion listen to the Joe Rogan podcast and was happy to see Scroobius Pip after being on with Joe kick off Distraction pieces.

The 1st episode was an interview with Alan Moore and that was it I was hooked. How ever as more podcasts were released I notice that there hadn’t been any women on them yet. So I asked on twitter if he had any plans to have women on.

The reply I got was that he doesn’t see creed, race or gender and it’s about interesting people.  So fair enough it’s a new venture for him, but when you are treated like a minority (there are more women on the planet then men) you notice when the line up of something is all men, or all white people or all herto cispeople.

So at the opening of Episode 8 in which Scroobius Pip interviews Jodi Ann Bickley (to date the only woman), he calls out for people to make suggestions for people to interview. So here is my list suggestions.


Laurie Penny aka @PennyRed

Jane Goldman aka @ferretprincess

Rihanna Pratchett aka @rhipratchett

Voilet Blue aka @violetblue

Cindy Gallop aka @cindygallop

Ann Furedi aka @AnnFuredi

Cheryl Morgan aka @CherylMorgan


Anyone else got suggestions? Get in touch with Scroobius Pip and let him know what they are.





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