I was in town early the other Thursday, I was heading eventually to Pagans in the Pub
but I took advantage of the time to pop into Lush on Henry st to pick up a new shampoo bar
and a few bath bombs. Turns out there was a trail offer of a new soap of you spent of a certain amount
and so I got gifted with a bar of Porridge Soap.

I know Porridge Soap, sounds weird, well it looks weird.
Porridge soap

Oats are meant to be to good for exfoilating and nourishing the skin and there are some in
my favourite bath melt the Ceridwyn’s Cauldron Ceridwyn's cauldron .

So fair enough the porridge soap was free but I certainly will be buying some more of it.
The soap has been absolutely wonder for the spots where I have psoriases patches and in this weather they tend to flare up and I have been trying to get them to behave cos one of the patches is close to
a place I want to get a tattoo. The ingredients for it are on the lush website.

So between the soap for my skin the solid shampoo conditioner bar for my hair ( the Jasmine one,
Godiva if you must know which is magnificent even it is is yellow) I really can only ask one thing of Lush and their franchises here.

Can we have an Irish site with the prices in euro please. is wonderful to navigate put please
you have a growing number of people in the country converting to lush give us a web site with our prices on them.

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