Snake Dreams

The wake of the new year brought with it bouts of insomnia and then finally as the skies were graced with the first new moon of the year my sleeping pattern settled down and I began to have Snake dreams.

It’s not the first time I’ve had snake dreams, the last time was in the run up to my Saturn’s return and boy did my life get interesting. That time it was more to do with Kundalini energies and swallowing snakes.

This time I was having dreams of shedding my skin and being more ‘me’ afterwards and
my colours and attributes being clearer. The snake is said to be a symbol of transformation and healing, and well the two weeks after the dreams started have certainly started down that path.

Oddly enough this Chinese new year, which is the 10th of febuary, is that of the Snake, so maybe this will be a year of transformation and healing for me.
I also found this under my bed when I was tidying.

It was a present from a friend long ago and I think I will keep him on my desk to remind me to keep active and doing the things I need to over the year to come.

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