I am sick and in more ways then one 🙁

I had tought that I had battled the cold monster and won; turns out it was just lurking and not in retreat but regrouping to luanch a swift counter attack.

I woke up this morning with a streaming head cold and I can already hear a thickness in my chest.
This does not bode well at all. 🙁

My weekend was to be one of drinking, gaming and general debauchery; I have been planning it all year.
Last year my October bank holi was a utter wash out and I only made it to one day at gealcon.
I was very much intending to run riot in the rpg room this year but right now all i want is my bed and a hot whiseky and uniflu.

I am heading out to Scorplett’s birthday celebrations this evening and that may just wipe me out
for the rest of the weekend.

It could be worse I will get to spend most of the weekend with my scratching post and the children will be away visiting thier granny in wexford and a weekend of doing as I please is wonderful;
but as I please and what I need to do may well be at home in bed and not in Clontarf. 🙁

3 thoughts on “Sick!!!”

  1. Poor Girlie !! You really MUST stop getting sick over the Halloween weekend !! Shall I come nurse you back to health ?? ( That oughta teach ya *cackles* ) Or would you rather I just beat it out of you ?? UUuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm………. probably best not to answer that one ! ROFLMAO !!! * HUGS!!!* Feel Better Soon Girlie !!

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