Reply from the ASAI re Largo Foods ads.

I was disappointed when I saw the latest ads from Largo foods. They produce all Irish crisps in the country and I had been a fan of the product the ads were used for from when they first appeared on the Irish market over 10 years ago. There was no other crisps for me.
This then filtered into the household as I do the weekly shop and what crisps my kids eat.
They both like the buffalo flavored ones and found those adds to be funny.

The controversial ads pissed me off, as here was a brand I trusted, was regularly seen in the house was never one I had to worry about image wise re the kids and my own personal values getting it wrong, very wrong.

So wrong in fact that when I out with my kids when the ads were put up they both expressed discomfort at seeing them and wanted to know why such sexy images were used as they made no sense and they were right they made no sense what so ever in the selling of snack foods. The kids asked is there something we can do, as I have tried to bring them up to do something when they see something they think is wrong.

We got home and wrote emails to Largo Foods expressing our disappointment and to their pr firm to which we have had no reply and we lodged a complaint via the ASAI website.
We got a letter today from the Advertising Standards Authority For Ireland.


The kids were pleased to see that at least we got one reply, I look forward to seeing if the investigation bears out or will the ads be pulled by Largo Foods before they are instructed to remove them. We are still how ever boycotting those crisps and will be unless there’s a statement from Largo Foods which doesn’t sound like some smug git saying lighten up their just boobs.

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