Passion, Pettiness and IPs.

All of the comments made to this blog have to be approved.
At times the filter is just filled with p0rn spam and how to make your dick bigger spam.
Apparently the fact I have entries that discuss sexual topic means I am a prime target for these.
Thankfully as wordpress shows me the I.P. addresses I can easily ban them from there.

This does also mean that I get to see the I.P. addresses of those who thing they are being
big and brave and leaving ‘have a go’ comments as well. The last time that happened
I managed to trace back the I.P. address and got in touch with the IT department of
the company and ask them for a copy of their policy on using the internet as an
employee to harass while in work. Turns out the person who had committed that little
error was still on probation at the time, opps!

What I don’t get is what is motivated of a certain person of late to try and have a go at
me or what they perceive as me. I mean how twisted is their passion if it results in petty
comments on an internet blog ? esp the entry about the wonderful talk I went to
as part of the Brain Awareness Week promoting

They seem to think that I harbor some sort of hate for them and the forum where they choose
to hang out out. Frankly this boggles me, I have better things to be passionate about
and I wish for them they would find something better to be passionate themselves for their own sake.
Life’s too short to drink bad wine.

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