Oweynagat: The Cave of Cats.

I finally did it.

One of the places that is said to be most connected with The Morrigan is The Cave of Cats
at the Rathcroghan complex in Roscommon. It is said that she comes tearing out of the cave at Samhain.
The Cave is part of an underground complex which is said to connect this world the one beyond.


It was into the depths of that cave I finally went today. The place it’self has intrigued and terrified me
from when I first heard about it, same with the deities which it is associated with.

Today I crawled down into it’s depths and sat leaning against it’s cool walls in the most complete darkness I have ever known.

I am still processing all that happened but I found a Stillness in the Cave and so far it has stayed with me.
I will write up more about the sites and the work being done there by those charged with tending the sites.

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