Out with the blonde in with the brunette.


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I may not be a dedicated follower of fashion even I have been aware that the “in” colour for hair is currently a rich brunette colour.
Not a flat black or russet tones but a honest to goodness rich multitoned brown. Much like what my own hair looks like.
Several dye hard blondes have changed to this look, there are less honey blondes on the play ground waiting to pick thier kids up. A lot of people have also stop the tanning booths or spray on tans as the darker hair and paler skin in apprently in.
The tanned leather skin and bleached to death malibu barbie look is on the decline….
But still I was not prepared to see one of my childhood role models sporting the look.
Yes once Ms Piggy did done a brunette wig when Linda Carter was guesting on the muppet show to complete her
wonder woman out fit but that is a lot different to Ms Piggy going so dark.

Muppets of Oz


I watched the lastest muppets movie with my bratlings this evening.
The muppets interpation of the Wizard of OZ. It has several nods to the 1878 movie The Wiz which stared Diane Ross


There are several thing in the muppet production that may confuse people who have only seen the MGM 1939 The wizard of Oz Film


For one the Magical slippers are Sliver as they were in the L. Frank Baum book; but with a contempary twist they are also Manolos.


There are 4 witches as well just like in the book, the witches of the east and west being wicked and the witches of the north and south being good.
Ms Piggy plays them all and we get to see her in biker leathers and playing very much the dominatrix and even more so in later scenes and in a wonderful red and black corseted outfit.
miss piggy wicked witch

So it would appear that one of my childhood idols has not only stood the test of time but been updated in a way which
makes her even more relavant and wonderful in my estimation.
Oh and Gonzo as the tinman was wonderful and so was Fozzy bear as the cowardly lion.
the frog was in it too but I never had much time for him as he didnt respect Ms Piggy for the woman she is.

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