Our Yule Tree

This evening after the departure of my paramour and before my ex arrived home with the kids from his grandparents where they had spent the new years weekend it was just me rattling around the house. Trying to adjust to being Mammy again and for looking after everyone else after a weekend of of it just being the two of us and doing as we pleased. When the kids are here the house has a definate mode and routine and it was nice to sit and be still and not have to be thinking ahead to what has to be done.

The tree was late going up this year, with the ‘seasonal’ weather there was delay in the crop getting to market so it was a while later then I had wanted that we finally got the tree. Yes a real one, we always have a real one, it’s the smell and tradition and part of what makes it Yule for me. Tomorrow we will start giving the new presents acquired new homes so that they no longer sprawl over so much of the sitting room floor.

Also in the shot is Crochett project I have been working on. I guess I feel less guilty about sitting on my arse watching stuff if I have the hook and wool out. Yes it’s a scarf, yes it’s a soccer scarf and in I am told the colours of  Tottenham hotspurs. spurs as the man in my life likes to called them but I have nick named them Tottie to annoy him. While I have no time for soccer in general I am making him what is i believed refereed to as a Terrance scarf. Love is…

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