Mr. Slump is back with a few changes.

I had noticed the return of the advertising campaign for Knorr quick soups on buses and bus stops. Last time around I wrote about my objections to one of the three images being used in the campaign, you can read it here. I wrote about it, and lodged complaints with the Advertisement Standards authority and directly to Unilever Foods Ireland. I know I wasn’t the only person to so and the campaign was shelved.

It’s back now but they have change the image with the female character.

What it was before.

and what it is now.

Mr slump is no longer has a hold on the woman and is no longer forcing chocolate into her mouth and she no longer looks so distressed, with her keys in her hand trying to reach the safety of home.

Instead she has the chocolate, so she could still change her mind, but as it’s open that is pretty unlikely. She looks defeated, she has given up on having a an unsuitable snack before she gets home, and we can see Mr Slump blocking the door with his hand and throwing away her keys.

I think the changes are a big improvement, still not wild about the fact the 3 images have the only female portrayed as doing the shopping, would have been nice if that had of been a man with the woman working at the desk but advertising tends to be about generalisations. It was good to see the ads pulled and a more suitable version rendered. Change can happen but we have to agitate and take action.

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