Love me or loath me and leave me be.

We can all only live one life, our own.
We can all only make choices and judgement calls about one life, our own.
We can only strive and work towards what is best for us in our life;
and hopefully those that are in our life, who choose to be in our lives
as family and friends will support or at least respect how we choose to live our lives.

Sounds simple, it is horridly hard.
We cant change the people in our live and what they think or how they feel.
We just have to be prepared that some of our choices in our lives may
have the effect of them not being in our lives anymore for reasons of thier own.
Doesnt mean we like it, doesnt mean it wont hurt and we wont miss them but
We have to respect thier choices and their judgement calls that they have made about thier life.

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