lego legends

Ok I have tried to keep away from all the Islamic cartoon stuff. Really I have.

Part of me thinks that really you have to be able to have a laugh and in some ways nothing is THAT sacred,
and human nature the more you are NOT ment to giggle you will such is the nature of what makes something taboo and therefore attractive.

Part of me thinks that if you make fun of something that some ones hold dear and they get upset then that is not the done thing.

Part of me thinks that really you can’t slander people who are dead and may not have lived ( snotty and scientific skeptics point of view)

Part of me thinks they should grow up and take a deep breath and just call the infidels tossers and refuse to be provoked into a stereotypical foaming rage.

Part of me thinks that the slander of a race of people and of people of a certain creed is wrong, can’t tar everyone with the same brush.

Part of me thinks that the press and media are crippled enough and biased enough as is with out curtailing certain freedoms any further.

But none of that stopped me laughing at the following.

And then I found this

I wonder is there such lego pagan antics.

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  1. Thaed Thaed Thaed… *sighs*
    What are we to do with you?

    Good blog entry tho – equivocal enuff to completely confirm that fence-sitting is alive and well in this part of the world…

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