last night…

The moot went well,
It was rather odd I reall had tought despite writing an article for it that I would not get to be there.
Infact I wasn’t ment to be there but really the fact that I got there ment I must have been ment to be there.
Circumstances coluded so that I ended up jumping into a taxi rushing into the Teachers club
and flinging open the door of the room just as the wonderful lady Marion Rose who facilates the disscusion had said
that I had written the article and lo and behold I arrived.
I had missed the chatting before and and the opening of scared space but as several people mention arrived at the most dramatic moment.

Dramatic for them nerve wrecking for me as the whole room turned and stared and I was told to sit at the top of the room and kick of the disscussion.
It was good but alas we as every run out of time.

Then it was after the formal dissucion time for hugs and catching up with people and meeting new people and to the bar in the teachers club.
Then it was fibbers, the place has actually changed, odd that.I still feel for the most part that I was really for the most part surrounded well not by kids
but emgering adults and it funny to see what fashion hazzards have happened.

Then it was a walk and an interesting talk along the board walk with my scratching post and looking at the moon ,
as they had finished work and meet me at  after 1:30am and didn’t think it odd,
Night time people are wonderful, esp those you can (mostly) talk until dawn with.
( um yes I am dating some one new not sure I mentioned that before.)

Yes updatage and no memeage and actual writings and more scarily sharing of some said writing.
There will be more you have been warned

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