Is it worth it ?

I had a door to door sales’person’ call to the house yesterday, which was surprising in it’s self as usually they tend to be sales’men’.
This one was trying to interest me in a line of cosmetics which had be put together by some desginer.
Clearly the lack of enthusiasm displayed by me spurred her to press on tell me it was part of the Clinique range of cosmetics.
I then told her that I was certainly not intrested in any of L’Oreal’s products due to their lack of ehtics in their research and testing; she seemed very confused and explained very slooowly and clearly that it was Clinique products she had.

I then explained just as slooowly and clearly that Clinique was owned by L’Oreal*
and I like a guilt free shower knowing that what is in the shower with me was not poured into the eye of a rabbit strapped into a cage
or that the mascara I would wear on a night out was not rubbed on the inside of the eyelids of the rabbit beside the first one.
I guess she didn’t think too much before taking such a job.

Yes L’Oreal has of late be looking for a work around animal testing, at least for skin testing** but until they come up with a way to replicate a mammalian eye the spraying, dripping and smearing of beauty products will go on.

Which makes the fact that The Body Shop was sold to L’Oreal last march hard to stomach and caused protests in many countries***.
Having been a teen in the late 80s and early 90s I grew up with the body shop adds against animal testing, of classmates coming in
smelling of dewberry and strawberry any my Mam of white musk.

The founder of The Body Shop Sold it with the conditions that it’s ethos remain intact but really she did not have a successor.
She knew she was not going to live for ever has she was living with Hep C from when she gave birth to her daughter in the 70s and needed a transfusion but she set about to change the world she lived in and by the gods achieved a hell of a lot for one person.
The money she did get a lot of it went to finance further good works**** and when she left this world for her next adventure earlier this month the world will have been a better place for being in it. That being said I won’t be supporting The Body Shop.


But we would not have LUSH who developed thier range of bath bombs for The body shop and then struck out on their own.
still manages to further the ethics that the body shop first promoted and take it a step further.
But due to their policy of having no marketing or advertising budgets what so ever I very much doubt I will have Lush Salesperson
on my doorstep anytime soon. No scorplett doesn’t count as she doesn’t get paid by Lush.


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