(insert title of disney movie over 10 years old ) 2

Right first off I am not a disney fan.
The most interesting parts are usually the villains, I prefer nightmare before Christmas and studio gibli and Titan AE.

There are certain disney titles hold a certain place due to childhood memories and the films simply being fun.
Sleeping beauty, yes I could definalty identify with the headstrong book lover that is Belle.
Peter Pan still holds the test of time despite the portrayal of the injuins in it, but alas it lacks the clapping to keep Tink alive.
Alice in wonderland is not bad either or is Mulan.

But as disney has used up all the known fairy tales and finished plundering the past (Hercules don’t get me started on that one)
and tales from other cultures they are going back and rehashing the older movies.

Bambi 2 (apparently his Dad didn’t do a runner), Cinderella 2 (and they all lived happily ever after until the next day and eventually were divorced, maybe). What ever next really just give it up and hire some one with a decent original idea ffs.

Once it was that disney were really only makers of children’s film and of animation but times moved on and most of the
best (top grossing does not mean best by a long shoot) films for children have come from other places.

Put really the last dregs of utter drivel of the (insert title of disney movie over 10 years old) 2 are not worth focusing your
eyes to watch.

Usually my kids have pretty good taste in movies and films but occasionally I do have to watch disney with them, thankfully
there is popcorn and reading a book while I sit with them.

hmmm wonder if it is possible to write an rpg scenario where you get to play a collective of villains trying to take out all the
goody two shoes from thier films……..

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  1. You can definitely tell you don’t watch the Disney movies much. 😉 Bookworm Belle was actually in Beauty and The Beast . They had that whole animal attraction thing going. Sleeping Beauty was a spoilt little princess that fell asleep for a hundred years. Anne Rice wrote some rather nice books to continue Beauty’s story after she fell asleep and was awaken. However I think the name was Anne Rocquelette or something like that. Uh hmmmm……and their not for children. 😀

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