Hibernating, sort of.

The last two weeks have been listening to who killed Amanda Palmer pretty much on a loop and doing what needs doing (essentials like cooking, washing and the cleaning up after cooking) in the house and a bit of painting to make me feel like I am not in some weird sort of limbo.

I have been doing a lot of reading, worked my way through all the 40K black library Eisenhorn books and then I thought I would take a break from scifi to alternate history fantasy, which I have a soft spot for and very much enjoyed The Queens Bastard but that weirdly turns out to be scifi also, sort of, I am still scratching my head at the twist on that one.

I have been briefly out of the house, as far as the shops and I did get out last weekend to the annual Santa Strike Force comedy fundraiser gig.There was a good turn out despite the weather and more money was raised then last year which is great.

The acts who all preformed for free were good and I laughed a lot more then I expected and there were good jokes about the internet and sites and online communities which were not having a go. I did how ever feel that night that I am now old/older. There are now groups of people who are 10/15 years younger then I and the cultural gap I find is growing.

One of the comedians make a joke about the pinball machine in the corner in reference to the movie the accused and a whole section of the room didn’t get the reference. I guess over the last year being 35 and susposedly properly grown up is being reinforced a tad by that gap. It’s just a bit odd.

Wednesday I was lucky enough to get tickets to go see Tron:Legacy in Savoy 1 thanks to a competition which ran on boards.ie and brought the kids with me. We got home work done and then sat for an hour on the bus into town. I had promised the kids sushi the next time we were in town so it was was off to Kim chi on Parnell street where we had dinner and then on to the Savoy.

Neither of them fidgeted through out the movie, which means they really were engrossed. Daft Punk do a lot of the music for the sound track and they would be my daughters favourite band, they also appear in the movie, so there were huge grins when they were on screen.

The movie has caused some very intresting conversations with my kids, on a whole range of topics which to my mind means it is proper scifi.

Getting out I guess has been pretty important as over the last 2 weeks with the weather how it is and no sign of it shifting and the lack of sun light it had started to feel like I was in a dream or limbo or some sort of hell where it is always winter but never Christmas.
But hopefully we will get out again to go see the new Narina movie shortly enough.

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