Hi there!

My name is Janet Ní Shuilleabháin, I also use the name Sharrow  online. I’m currently a Mature Student at DCU and blog about that in the  Unilife section. I am a parent  with two brats, both of whom is on the autistic spectrum. I am a feminist, gamer, geek, inquisitive person. I can be found on twitter as @Sharrow_ie

This blog was once my online scrap book but it, like myslef has evolved over the years, it now Has sections,

For my writing on  social issues check out the  Activism and Agitation.

For my  writings on generally pagan matters, check out The Wanton Witch.

For my writing out all thinks geek, gamer and fandom check out Worlds Beyond Counting.

If you need to contact me via email you can do so here: Ladyshadowsharrow [@] gmail .com


I have done a certain amount of press work over the last 2 years, if you are interested in reading/listening to what I have done have a look here.


Comment Policy

Comments and questions are welcome, abuse is not.

I’ve not been bothered to have one of these explicitly spelt out, but after a few surges of hits to here and a selection of comments which followed all with in the same day and a very narrow time period and the ping backs have showed me were they came from well.
I am putting one in place.

I had expected there to be rational arguments and a civil discourse even with people who have differing opinions and view to my own. I enjoy discussion and debate.

But I won’t ever be publishing comments which denigrate me. If that is all your are aiming for with your comments then you are wasting your time.

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