GothDay Events 2011


Dominion is lending support for GothDay Events

First 3pm, one of our own DJs The Siren aka Sinead writes

‘Celebrate World Goth Day in style with a gothic picnic. We’ll be meeting at 3pm in the Iveagh Gardens, Dublin 2, for an afternoon of tea and cakes (or whatever takes your fancy), bring snacks sandwiches whatever you wish, and music will be provided, gothic attire encouraged, All welcome!’

Then later 8pm (ish) one of our regulars Luana writes

‘In order to celebrate our Awesomeness during the World Goth Day…. I declare that the best way we can all celebrate it here in Dublin is to have a *drum roll please* a Pub-Crawl!!! for the facebook users

All Goths and Goth Friendly People are invited.

O’Reilly’s – Sublounge, underneath Tara Station, 8pm ish
All pints €3.20

The Longstone, 10 Townsend Street (2mins away)
i hope to mo move all people to the second pub around 9.30-10ish
currently contracting in getting some sort of Discounts or free stuffs if we are plenty :))))

Gypsy Rose, Aston Quay
nice atmosphere, pehraps some bands on, good vibe

The Mezz

End of the night if you are still standing or crawling let’s all finish in the Mezz just because

I know that you are all hard to please, so if anybody wants to come up with some suggestions for the night feel free to drop a text, I am open for suggestions!

Please spread the word among all those goths hiding away in their coffins and to their ‘goth freindly’ friends

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