Go go plan crazy!

Ok very shortly I will be leaving the house to get the bus to Galway and then will be getting the mid night bus back from Galway, and well such a caper isn’t that unusual for me, I’ve done it before, popped over to The Salt house for a friends birthday. The bus back from Galway will have me getting home 3am and then tomorrow I will be going back to Galway for Itzacon. A 3 night stay isn’t possible due to parental obligations, need to be here to get the kids to school Friday morning.

But I have to be in Galway tonight, Warren Ellis is getting an aware and doing an audience with. I will save my fangilr squeeing for later, but writers are my rock stars, they open worlds to me, their words delight and haunt me and stay with me, and a round trip to Glaway isn’t that much of an ask to go to a 3 hour gig.

This is part of me making things happen for me, part of being constructively selfish and just doing it and as I contemplate my to do list for ‘go go plan crazy’ which includes packing for my kids to stay in my parents over the weekend and all that entails, and leaving the house in smart conditions as I now my Mother will find some reason to pop in even if it’s just to check on the house, it’s stressful but I am worth it.

The universe I think agrees with me, and in my rss feeds today I was gifted with a new Amanda Plamer song and words on her blog about making things happen.


They are by Jim Batt who shot the video

On the train home after the shoot, I found myself thinking about what it takes to to make things happen. That it’s not enough to just know what you want. You have put yourself in the path of opportunity, to be bold and quick enough to seize the moment when it happens, but most of all you have to be prepared, so when it does happen you’re ready to go. No excuses.

The world is full of people talking about what they’d like to do ‘if’ or ‘when’. Pick up your tools and make something with what you have. It may not be the best thing you ever create, but it will make you feel good. And it will make the next thing you do better. So do it. Go make things.”

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