Yeah so I am a citizen of the interweb and my pc is my hub and home.
My morning routine currently runs like this.

Wake up.
Get up.
Turn on pc( or ‘wake from standby mode).
Get to the bathroom.
Wake kids.
Log on to pc ( leave windoze to boot).
Go get breakfast for kids.
Put coffee on.
Remind the kids of what they need for today.
Make lunches.
Pour coffee.
Herd kids upstairs to get dressed.
Sit at pc reading news feeds, sipping coffee and monitoring kids progress,
pausing to brush hair and straighten collars and being their speaking clock,
until I get hugs and they leave for school.

This morning the pc didn’t boot, hell it didn’t get through the bios checks.
I did the turn it off and on several times while looking at it forlornly with my coffee.
I turned on the radio to catch the news but it’s just not the same, it’s too slow.
I read a fair speed of knots and the adds on the radio and the sound bites of news only
served to wet my appetite and frustrate me. I prefer my news raw as possible off “the wires”
with my coffee.

I got on with the rest of my routine after all the coffee and news is to keep me distracted
while the kids preform their ablutions and get themselves dressed for the day.

But my pc is not just my connection to the web and the world; it is also music.
At that time of the morning is usually something from fantasia,
bright with a certain tempo that the children bounce along to and out the door.
Things move slower with out it, focus is lost and so are left shoes and instead of grinning at
each other brushing their teeth to the tempo there were arguments and jostling at the sink
and name calling and tears and all before school. They did notice and ask what was wrong with my pc when they were saying goodbye to me and expressed their concern for it and me with a second hug.

After they left and I finished my coffee it was time to figure out what was wrong with it.

After about 10 mins I knew it was the motherboard and reckoned it was the damn warm weather as
I had never gotten around to adjusting the fans up for it being summer and decided to
turn it off and on again one more time before disconnecting the tower from the cluster of cables
at the back so I could open it up.

I defaulted to my main profession and to what I had seen my Dad do so many times over the years,
I swore at it, gave it a good thump, but a technician’s thump right above the fan and lo and behold,
she booted, trough set up, bios and then the os set up and sat there with the curser blinking cheekily waiting for me to log in as if she had been playing possum for the last hour.

So I have been giving her a lil tlc and hoping that this was a friendly warning and not the start of trouble but damn it I am going to have to give her a name now.

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