Getting to know you… meeting Joanna Kuchta

So being a mature student, I do when I get the chance to ask my fellow first years, why they choose communication studies. Asking the slim little blonde who sat beside me Tuesday lead to an interesting discovery.

As Amanda Palmer has stated several times “We are the Media” and this 18 year old has certainly embraced that over the last two years. Her name is Joanna Kuchta and she describes herself as a Polish Princess living in Ireland.

She choose Communication Studies as a general communications degree but is aiming at communications as part of the fashion industry. She already models and has created her own “brand” using tumblr, twitter and instagram. She has that many followers which means she gets paid to feature items and lines on these platforms, but will only do so if she likes them and thinks they are cute.

She has a staggering 200,00 + followers in instagram and 89.6K followers on Twitter,

She chose the degree course in DCU rather then a fashion specific course in case she changes her mind or direction over the next few years. She is bright, smart, aware of the tools she is using and the type of messaging her ‘brand’ is composed off, be it in interviews, or her interactions on social media or her vloging via youtube.

Was the last shoot she did, I look forward to seeing how she managed to juggle her fashion career and the degree over the next 3 years.

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