I am sorry to inform you all that Gaelcon has been cancelled due to the economic circumstances we find ourselves in.

I have, for the last three months, been privileged to be the con director Gaelcon 21. During that time I’ve had little time to myself but in all honesty I’ve loved being part of this committee. They have all been positive and diligent in getting their respective departments ready for the con. I honestly believe that this year would have been spectacular.

The problems have been around since my inception as con director. Moving to a larger, more central location brought with it financial burdens as did the new merchandise we’d planned.

There have also been some personal issues which have made everything a struggle when it comes to organising things and trying to go to other conventions to promote Gaelcon. These all pale however in comparison to the trouble caused by the simple fact of the recession we find ourselves in. Trade, sponsorship, attendance, even shirt prices have been affected

In the past Gaelcon has seemed to me to be the unmissable event of the gaming calendar. I met many of my closest friends at Gaelcon in Croke Park and renew acquaintances there that I meet nowhere else.

I remember some of the troubles surmounted by other con directors and I have to admit feeling humbled. Between us the committee has tried to think of any and every way out of this problem.

I’m sorry. We couldn’t.

Gaelcon is canceled until further notice and I’m so sorry.

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