Fog, Guinness and Soap.

I woke to the news that “the cul de sac has disappeared” announced solemnly by my six year old, this was followed by the enquiry if it would be back and it was “missing in the mists”.


Getting them prepped and out the door too school was delayed by the sad clouds, “Well they must be sad” concluded the 8 year old “as they were down and not up in the sky where they should be”.

They kept checking on the fog and wondering did they need to wrap up extra warm, would they need a torch, would a rope to hold on be helpful in the eventuality the fog got bigger; all of which I listened to grinning while making thier lunches and considering how such practical thinking would serve them well when playing rpgs in year to come.


Extra care was taken on what now was the adventure in the mists as we might go missing to and end up somewhere else and maybe the school was missing as well. They were happy enough to find the school and I was told to be careful and go straight home.


I did but not for long as I had a long day ahead of me questing for many items.

Basically shopping and I despise shopping and after the first part of the adventure it was easier to keep in that mind set and be questing for items then squandering money taking part in the annual gift giving season;

Also it was shopping in the city centre and given the perils of that this time of year being prepared and

Working out the best route made a lot of sense.


Having gotten all the items that were in establishments in the north of the city a break was needed for me and my companion for the day. Indeed it had been a day with out quarrel, disagreement or any interpersonal angst which was miraculous considering. We took our repose in an imbibing emporium along side the river, not much to look at from the outside but its size and comforts belies its frontage.

Its secrets are known to me, my father and my grandfather, indeed it was in there my father first laid eyes on my mother. The blue haze of smoke is gone from the place, but the welcome and indeed the pint of the black stuff has not changed.


Recovered, regrouped and with the baggage reorganised we sallied forth once more renewed.

Soon we were to brave the cavern of smells hoping to acquire gifts before our senses were over whelmed.

We battled past the pretty parcelled presents pile up inside the portal, past other seeking shoppers who’s sense had already been over whelmed and wandered from side to side enthralled by the sparkles and bright colours letting themselves but helped by the hobgoblins of hindrance who had doubled thier numbers for the festive season.


The hobgoblins maze their victims with facts and gentle hand waving motions all designed to waft more of the smell towards the shoppers who lulled by their hushed tones into relaxing and breathing deeply.


This would not work on me and I sorely wanted not to be delayed so that the odorous of the cavern did not take hold for al the hobgoblin would achieve would be a face full of nose bile as my allergies would kick in to save me. Taking shallow breaths and refusing any help and refuting the hindrance hobgoblins instance that I needed any I complete the extraction with time to spare. My companion had decided to stay outside and peered through the window while fiddling with a harmonica reminding me of a

Long forgotten entertainments where adventurers would try to attempts such feats of skill for gains that were shiny.


In this case the time gained ment that the swift transport could be taken,

getting us home with our spoils, ensuring the leisure  to secrete them about the house.

There are trace smells of the cavern in the house put the precautions are put in place,

Some of the items we sought were just for this purpose and those incenses ward off

Those odours that should delight others when they are gifted with them.


In all a day well spent and when the children were retrieved we all retired home knowing there were only 3 more sleeps until Winter solstice and 5 more until Christmas.


They had been busy on a side quest of their own the gathering and preparations of items to create a festive food and under the guidance of there grandmother gained skills and knowledge.


Tomorrow the mists may have lifted but we will continue on our task to have the most enjoyable solar return celebrations.

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