Finally a world cup I can get behind

The Discworld Cup is a competition contested by the books of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. 2010 sees the tournament in its fledgling year and coincides with the publication of Unseen Academicals – the 37th book in the series.

The format of the tournament involves 32 teams (otherwise known as books) competing for the title over a period of one month. The 32 teams that start the tournament are made of every Discworld novel in the series, except for those aimed at younger readers and The Last Hero, which was officially known as a Discworld Fable*.

These teams are initially drawn at random into eight groups of four where they will compete for public votes for one week. At the end of that week, voting will close and the clear winner of each group will proceed into the four quarter finals where the process repeats for a second week. The winners of each quarter final go through to two semi finals for week three voting and the two with the most votes will meet in the grand final for one last week of voting. At the end of the fourth week the team with the most votes is crowned Discworld Champions whilst all eliminated teams look on with envy and reluctant applause.

*The decision to omit certain books was made purely to balance the competition with 32 titles and stay true to a similarly named tournament that takes place every four years.

It will be intresting to see how the books which have been adapted for T.V. do as the general public has more awareness of them. Also it will be intresting to see if it comes down to a watch v witches as many discworld fans seems prefer one over the other.


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