Do you lubricate when you fornicate?

It’s good to see that more people are starting to be come aware of lube as a sex toy and as a good way to enhance their pleasure alone or with a partner for the simple reason it makes things go smoother and a lot more fun.

No longer is it something that dried up women use or ‘the gays’ and no longer is there only the one type, it used to be that there was only the white tube of KY Jelly usually on the over the counter display near the till of the chemists and buying it would make the sales assistant raise their eyebrow.

Yes it was possible to get other types in sex shops but not that many people would have gone shopping in there on a regular bases.

But now as the naughthy noughties starts to come to a close and with boots being a British chain store who has no qualms having the condoms and lube out on the floor so that you do not have to ask the sales assistant for them more people are discovering lube.

Durex are on this with their ‘play’ range, with their well known brand they are branching out and with the inclusion of sachets of lube in bundled products.
But while those lubes are water based and there for good for use with latex condoms and will just dissolve on and in a person they can often dissolve too quickly.

Oil based lubes should not be used with latex condoms as it damages the condom which means the may break or not be as safe.

Silicon lube is very sticky, doesn’t dissolve easily but it should not be used with silicon sex toys.

There are flavoured lubes, which thankfully tend to be better tasting then flavoured condoms and there are a range of heat and tingle lubes which cause different sensations when applied.

Lube should be used in moderation mind, not too little and not too much.
Too little and you can end up making things sore and too much and it can become a slippery slidey mess with out enough sensation.

And I will leave you with my two favourite you tube clips about lube:

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