Dicussion of MCD and thier events/gigs/venues now permitted.

The announcement was made in the last 24 hours that boards.ie are lifting their ban on the discussion of
all things MCD. This as an action the site owners took after MCD started legal proceedings after posts about one of their festivals.

It seem that due to a recent court ruling there has been a new precedent set and the site owners
have lifted the ban on all MCD gigs and venues. Already there are threads springing up all over the site
in music, stand up, gigs and events and even the paranormal forum.

The court case is still pending and as per the site rules no pending court cases are to be discussed so that hasn’t changed.

And this means as a mod of the Sexy and sexuality forum I can undelete the thread on Nimhneach which had to be deleted when MCD bougth into the Academy, which is wonderful as that is such an intresting thread.

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