Dance of the kundalini clown.

The dance of the Kundalini Clown.
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June 1, 2008

By Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

What if there was another way?

What if we could get enlightened by being happy and sharing happiness with others? What if we could be liberated by being kind to ourselves and each other? What if the first rule of Earth school was to learn how to enjoy this precious life? What if we had to laugh and joke everyday to pass go?

These are all “serious” possibilities that we might have overlooked. Like everything else in life, we can only know if we experiment. Our challenge this month is to see if we can raise our vibration with humor. If we accept the challenge, we will soon realize that the path of humor is the path of the heart, not the head. We can’t figure out the path of the heart. The path of the heart is not a brainy logical endeavor. The path of the heart is a spontaneous encounter with life and our soul. When our heart is open, we are freed up to love and be loved. We are available to be happy and spread happiness in the world.

I had a tee shirt once with a bright picture of a dancing clown. It said “Life is so mysterious. Don’t take it so serious.” I think a Gemini designed that shirt. Although Gemini is an air/mental sign, the cosmic messenger seems to intuitively know not to take life too seriously. When we are in our heads and lost in our thoughts, we block off the connection to our heart. Gemini keeps its heart open by being adventurous and exploring life with a light-hearted attitude.

Another Level of Humor

A fitting Gemini challenge is to take our sense of humor to the next level. First, we are invited to not take everything that happens to us so seriously or personally. In addition to the simple enjoyment of the events of life, we can go deeper into our heart, where we experience joy for no apparent reason. We are just happy. In this inner place, we can begin to witness cosmic humor and how elegantly and delightfully everything fits together.

Chant the mantra “Wahe Guru” to generate happy brainwaves. “Wahe Guru” imparts the vibration of ecstasy. While you are practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation, take time between exercises to feel the dance of the Kundalini Clown.

Choose Humor

Last year when my mom was making her transition, she greeted her many visitors wearing a red clown nose. She told the hospice nurses, “Now don’t take this all so seriously.” She made a lot of people happy during those last months of her life. We can all make similar choices even during difficult times.

Humor takes the edge off of situations so we can relax. Humor also heals and keeps us healthy. It is now common knowledge that stress is one of the main causes of disease. Humor is an antidote to stress.

A fun thing happened the day of the year anniversary of my mother’s death. I went into a local shop and a lady of the shop comes towards me – “You have got to see this cute picture!” It was a big oil painting of a playful clown on a bicycle. “Hi Mom, yes I am having fun!” This is not the first time Mom has danced through making sure I knew she was doing very well indeed.

Your Assignment

Your assignment for June is

[1] to not take yourself or every minute detail in life so seriously

[2] to make it your priority to uplift others and spread joy

[3] to make people and yourself laugh

[4] to change negative conversations into heart-felt connection

[5] to perfect your sense of humor

The Moon and Mercury Retrograde

Dates to celebrate are GEMINI NEW MOON June 3rd and SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON June 18th. Gemini requests a party atmosphere through May 20th at 9:01 AM (4:51 PM GMT) when the Sun moves into Cancer. Mercury is retrograde in Gemini from May 26 through 7:31 AM PDT June 19th. What better time to find our inner clown and open our heart!

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