Converstaions about chakras, with my brats!

So we ( my brats and I ) have been watching Avatar: the last airbender.
It has to be one of the best “children’s” programs I have watched in a long time.
We have been watching them in order but there are some that my brats have already seen.
On starting back watching after they had been away my daighter tells me
that the one we are due to watch is where and main character learns about chakras.

I was a bit surprised as it’s not a topic I would have raised with my kids
and asked her what are chakras to be told that
“They are 7 pools of engry in a person’s body and they flow into each other and get blocked when a person is upset.”.
Not a bad way for a nearly 8 year old to think of chakras.

I watched the episode, it was good.

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