Cervical Cancer Vaccine for every woman for only 300 euros.

I was told something really stunning yesterday.

There is a medical clinic in Dublin city center who think that the Cervical Cancer Vaccine is so important that every woman should have it that they are
offering the course of the 3 injection at cost.

Meaning they are refusing to make any profit on it and are not adding stipulations about a woman having to be a virgin to receive it.

So the vaccine will then cost 300 euros rather then the 600 which is being charged by other providers.

Cervical Cancer Vaccinations

Charter Medical Group
is an approved
Cervical Cancer Vaccination Centre.

Phone (01) 6579000 to arrange your appointment.

Charter Medical Group Health & Wellness Department is now offering Cervical Cancer Vaccination on a not for profit basis.

Charter considers this vaccine to be one of the most important vaccines developed recently and we believe it should be available to the widest population of young women. With this in mind Charter Medical Group will be providing this critical vaccine on a “not for profit” basis with a full course of Cervarix®, consisting of three injections administered for €300.

Charter’s offer is available to girls over ten years of age. Our Clinical staff will happily answer any queries when booking your appointment. Cervarix® vaccination requires three consecutive injections over a six month period.

Finally people who know how important this is stepping forward.
A vaccine against cancer which saves lives should be put in the reach
as much as possible for every woman.

Please pass this info on to every woman you know.


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