Busy days or roses and cat shit.

I have been bouncing between suffering with hayfever and just wanting to sleep and watch tv shows and do frankly nowt to being bouncing all over the place. Neither state is conducive to ljing/blogging.

I have a heap of things stuck in draft mode which are either need to get around to finishing or else I feel that was like two weeks ago and I should of finished it and want to post it for my own memory recording of it.

I have been reading a fair bit too, “The end of Mr.Y” which was very kindly lent to me has been a bloody intresting read so much so I have found myself buggering of to look up the facts and concepts referenced in it along side reading it which mean the book which is only 452 pages still isn’t finished yet and considering I can easily read 300+ pages in a day and I’ve had it over two weeks means it has been occupying more of my thought process then it prolly should.
Or maybe it’s meant to as the concepts are one I had been avoiding.

I have planted 4 more rose buses in the front garden, 1 is thriving already, 2 are taking their time and I fear the last one may have died on me. The 3 I planted last year are thankfully thriving and yes last year I did feed them cat shit from the litter tray. Getting roses from shit I think is a wonderful thing and as someone said to me recently “a lady should always have roses” I am endeavoring to sort the supply myself. But until they hopefully all start to bloom I bought some today for myself, and for someone else.

I also planted a blackcurrant bush and a raspberry bush, maybe I will get to make jam this year and tbh with “Maggie” starting to grow up having a good supply of raspberry leaves for tea may be a good idea.

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