Bríd’s blessings on Imbloc Eve

This evening marks the last night of winter and tomorrow is the first day of spring and St Bríd’s day. While she may have been given the heave ho by the Vaticon she is still considered and Irish saint and people’s connection to her continues the same way their connection to the goddess who bears the same name does.


One of the things I like to do to mark this time of year is to go to the Vigil
between the wells just outside Kildare town. Both wells are lit but by candles
and there is singing and chanting at the first well and then a procession to the next.

It is fun and lead by the nuns of the Brigantine order who come out from behind their walls for the 3 days of Feile Bríd but I have found it very inclusive to anyone.

Both Goddess and Saint are to my mind feminist role models. From the Goddess who worked the forge and was one of the weapon smiths to the Thúatha dé Danann to the young woman who defied her father, stood up to chieftains and did her best to provide care to those in her community.

So which ever Bríd you hold dear,
may her blessings be upon you and your household this Imboc Eve.

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