“back, from outer space”

Yes I am back,there are many things which I simply want to write about either to share or scrapbook or make a record of or just to write to get it out of my brain. Mind you the last few weeks have been more like being an psychonaut then an astronaut but with out the drugs but big with the head and heart fuckery, but I want to scrawl stuff here, which is good rather then feeling that I should or have to. Which reminds me I must get around to playing Psychonauts again.

It’s still been a busy few weeks with the kids of school we have been busy working our way through a list we compiled of things we want to do and see. One of these was the exhibition called ‘the dead zoo at large‘ which is a selection from the still closed natural history museum hosted in the Collins barrack’s museum. It is nice to see the nick name for the natural history museum being used, it is certainly how 3 generations of my family have referred to it.

The exhibit is a pretty good selection even if it does seem rather small compared to what we are used to seeing in the natural history museum but most of our favourites were there from the skeletons of the giant irish deer, the wolf, the otters and the snake eating a frog. There are new exhibits as well, a touch table which is great for the kids, to have a section of things they are allowed touch, a replica raptor skeleton which went down really well and a thylacine.
As I started to explain to my own two brats about what a thylacine was and what a marsupial was and how it was an apex predator I ended up with about 9 other kids all listening and asking questions. I have always thought thylacines were pretty cool and it was fun to share that.
The dead zoo at large will be in place until the 29th of august.

Another exhibit which was deemed pretty cool by the kids was the “Planet Earth: our place in space” it has souvenirs of Apollo Missions, from patches to signed photos, a model of the rockets used, a listing of all the meteors that have hit Ireland and a rather nice touch exhibit of a chunk of a meteorite which is bigger then a rugby ball and carbon dating has it tagged at hitting the earth 5,000 years ago in Argentina.

We then went for pancakes in Chachacha in cow’s lane, where my kids despite having only been there once before declared they would have their usual which pretty much means they want to go back there a lot, which means they will behave for fear of me not bringing them again which is a good thing.

Then it was on to the Bubble exhibit at the sceince gallery. We spent over two hours in there, from the Bubble garden looking at all the different shapes and types of bubbles and having a go at making lots of our own to being in a bubble tube and then chilling out on bean bags talking about everything we saw and got to play with in the 10,000 peacock feathers display room,
which harks back to the early displays of such work/art done with light and lasers refracted through foam and then projected on the walls of the likes of the Fillmore in the 60s.

Which was a good way to come down from all the excitement of the day before we faced the bus journey home and it was the type of day out that the weather didn’t impact on which is a good thing, give how the summer has been.

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