A reasonable warning.

“Our ancient Celtic ancestors said: ‘Never give a sword to a man who cannot dance’.

We might well add: ‘Never give a wand to anyone who cannot handle ordinary reality’.

Magick will tend to amplify whatever tendencies a person has.
It will increase general incompetence in life, just as readily as it will augment competence.

Although we have seen those who started off reasonably well-organized and made a magnificent success of their lives with magick,
we have observed plenty of unpromising cases taking a powered nose-dive to disaster with occult assistance.

The best orders and the best books on magick make the neophyte work very hard to gain anything.
For, in brutal fact, nothing of any value comes from involving people who do not pursue excellence for its own sake in magick.

Magick does not offer an escape from ordinary reality: rather it offers a full-on confrontation with it, which one can easily lose.”

– Peter J. Carroll, PsyberMagick”

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